(CH. Fenwyck's J.Barrymore at Windfall X CH. Windfall's Win Storm, J.H.)

OFA Excellent-Elbows and Eyes cleared 2004.


Shadow was Best in Sweepstakes at our Huron River LRC Spring Specialty and has won several specialty Bred By classes. 


CH. Fenwyck's J. Barrymore at Windfall Fenwyck's Hans Auff Ch. Dickendall Arnold
Windfall's Ice Flow at Fenwyck
Attikonak Dancer N Romancer SV-91 Guidelines Copyright
Swed. CH. Attikonak Silky Stocking
CH. WINDFALL'S Win Storm, WC WCX, J.H. CH. Beachcroft Citadel CH. Beachcroft Edgewood Tomarc
CH. Beachcroft Clover O'Henry
CH. Tabatha's Windfall Abbey, WC, WCX, J.H. Ch. Borador's Lord Travis
CH. Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy, WC


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