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Annie Cogo and CH.Windfalls Black Bart

Ch. Windfall’s Black Bart, JH

Annie and Bart, dog showing and vacationing in New England


(Ch Knolland Southfield Sam X Hollidaze Medea at Ambersands)

Windfall began in the early 70’s with the purchase of our first labrador, a pet named Chloe. Chloe’s job was raising all the neighborhood kids, going on camping trips with the family and being all-round great companion and couch potato.

From Chloe we went on to purchase in the early 80’s our next labrador, Ravin, who was to be our first show dog. Ravin was by far the most intelligent labrador we have owned and easily earned working titles in the field. She however, was not as enthusiastic about her career in the show ring as we were and just really disliked the whole idea. She did give us several litters of wonderful puppies.

In 1990 we purchased 15 acres of property and built our home and kennel in Howell, Michigan, which is also the home of the infamous Howell Melon and Balloon Festival. A yearly event that draws thousands of people to our small mid-Michigan town. There is a long weekend of melon onsumption, parades, art fairs, and hot air balloon activities that is a fun time for all.

By this time we realized that we wanted to do this "dog show thing" and purchased two other bitches from well-known, reputable breeders with dogs who had successes in the show ring. From here our real show ring history was born. The dogs you see on our web pages are a result of these beginnings and careful, selective breeding.

Utmost in our mind when breeding has been soundness, type and temperment. Soundesss is an absolute necessity for a working dog that is intended to retrieve for you all day, as well as a dog that moves correctly in the show ring. Type maintains the look that people recognize as a labrador and is called for in our breed standard. A sweet, gentle, and playful temperment is really what a labrador is all about, if that is lost, then the breed is lost, because that wonderful labrador temperment is what attracts the majority of people to this breed. To this end, we only keep what we consider to be the best stock to show and breed from. All of our dogs hips and elbows are xrayed and their eyes are cleared on a yearly basis.

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